Beyond Infinity


I'm Dani. 19. Florida. I make a lot of silly faces.
Hugs are a thing I take pride in. I make art,
and I'm still trying to find words. Hello. C:

All the things running through my head when I’m trying to fall asleep:

• Oh fuck what was that I’m gonna die
• No, wait, I have covers, it can’t touch me, hah!
• Where did I even get this “logic” anyway, who am I trying to kid?
i’m on the right track baby I was booorn this waaaaay
• No, stop that, why, I’m beautiful in my way STOP.
• Next comes every aspiration I could possibly have in my life, ever
• Not to mention images: flying bats, shooting lazer beams from their mouths. pew pew
don’t be a drag, just be a queen SERIOUSLY. WHY?
• My clock is so bright ugh
• but if I move to turn it away then I’ll wake up more
• I’ll try counting. 1,2,3,4… I remember that one time, way back when…
• oh wait, counting, right. What number was I on?
• Was that the cat, that’s my cat, it has to be my cat
• Cat, stop purring. Go away. You’re too loud.
[musical intro] my momma told me when I was young…

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